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NFL Season Begins

September 08, 2019

The National Football League is celebrating their 100th year this year! Football season is when our competitive sides come out. It also brings people together and separates rivalry households. Kick-off the season at Royals!

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It's Fair Time

September 07, 2019

The Spokane County Interstate Fair starts this weekend! This year's theme is "Pirates of the Carrots and Beans." Some of the headlines for this year's event are country music star, Trace Adkins and 80's rock band, Foreigner. For a full line-up of this year's events, visit their website.

The fun doesn't have to stop once the fair leaves town. We recommend Candy Apple from Treehawk Farms - 3.5G for $48 or Jilly Bean from Ladera Farms - 3.5G for $19.

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Read A Book Day!

September 06, 2019

It's National Read a Book Day! Take some time today to sit down and enjoy a book or magazine you like. Don't keep it to yourself! Read aloud to kids or your grandparents. Use this time to exercise your mind. 


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Big Bowl Of Honeycomb

September 03, 2019

Introduced in 1965, Honeycomb is a classic Post cereal. Honeycomb fans have loved the original shape and one-of-a-kind taste of the cereal for over 50 years.


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Sorry Dr. Suess, It's National No Rhyme Day

September 01, 2019

Today is National No Rhyme Day, where we recognize words the don’t rhyme with any other words in the English language. Words that don’t rhyme with any other word are called refractory rhymes. Some popular unrhymable words include orange, month, silver, spirit, chimney, and purple.

In the spirit of No Rhyme or Reason Day, we recommend the following products for no reason at all, except that they’re good!

Gimme Sa'Mores from Honu, 100mg for $30

Brownies Ultimate Fudge from Northwest Cannabis Solutions, 100mg for $24

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King Of Pop

August 31, 2019

It's only natural for the King of Pop to make his debut on our page. Michael Jackson's "Bad" video premiered on CBS TV on this day in 1987. Filmed in Brooklyn, New York and directed by Martin Scorsese.




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The Beatles Final Concert

August 29, 2019

While The Beatles made an unannounced live appearance in January 1969, the concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August 29th, 1966 was The Beatles final live concert. Weather at the stadium that day was....

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